11 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Private investigators provide a very important service to people and businesses alike. Whether you are a small business, a big corporation or just a private individual here in Singapore, you are exposed to many dangers such as corporate espionage, troublesome tenants, investment scams, identity theft, infidelity and other threats. Though you can find evidences online, letting a professional do the investigation will give you access to information that you may have no access to when doing the investigation your own. This is where a private investigator comes into the picture, and can help you resolve the following:

Employee Background Check
It is not unusual for applicant to lie on their resumes or fake certificates and recognitions. If you care for the reputation of your company, you know that these people are a threat to your reputable brand name. Private investigators in Singapore can help you verify information such as if an applicant is indeed who he claims to be or if an applicant really has the qualifications he claims to have.

Company Background Check
Before getting to the top, businesses and corporations have their own histories, and some of these events may not make a company proud. If an establishment has history of fraud or not complying on an agreement, a PI can validate that information for you.

Employee Compensation Claims
Thousands of fraudulent insurance claims are filed in Singapore daily. Although very low percentage of all reported cases is fraudulent, a bad case can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum, so investigators are hired to provide evidences that someone in the company who is claiming for insurance benefits is not really injured or ill. The private investigator in Singapore will conduct an interview and perform a surveillance to come up with an accurate result out of the investigation process.

Tenant Screening
If you are a real estate owner or a property manager who need to assess prospect tenants and evaluate their suitability as your property renter, they you will need private investigator services to find out a person’s job, legal status and whether he has history of getting evicted from a previous apartment.

Locating People
There are times when you need to find someone who is not necessarily missing, but who you have just lost contact with. Private investigators can help you find any individual, from biological parents of an adopted child, ex-lovers or friends and previous officemate. Even if the person has moved somewhere else, changed his/her name, or got married again, a professional PI can pick up their tracks.

Abuse Cases
Abuse cases cover a wide area, including child abuse, care home abuse of the elderly, psychiatric abuse of mentally challenged patients and abuse of partner. Such cases may also involve mental or physical abuse, and must be handled with discretion. A private investigator uncovers and builds evidences, which will then be used to help with the prosecution of the abuser(s).

Stalking and Harassment
There are so many people out there (who are mentally ill or just vindictive) threatening and making other people’s lives miserable through continued harassment and stalking, whether offline or online. The reason most important reason why a private investigator is hired for these cases is to build evidences against the stalker. And again, the evidences will serve as support and sill be used in the court to obtain a subpoena or a court order that commands the stalker to desist, or else face the legal consequences.

Find Hidden Money
Does someone owe you big amount of money and refuses to pay, because they claim they have none as of the moment? If you are in doubt whether the person is being honest, you can hire an investigator to help you find out the truth. A PI can conduct bank and asset searches to see a person’s hidden money. Deciding whether you will take this case to the court? Save yourself some time and legal fees by finding out first if there’s even anything in there for you to take.

Prenuptial Background Checks
Hiring an expert to investigate a potential spouse’s background will help secure your future when you discover who they really are—whether good or bad. It is no secret that many find a profession on being a romance cam con-artist. Conducting a background investigation on a person you are dating can give you peace of mind because you know you are not misled.

Extramarital Affairs
You may be aware of your spouse’s infidelity, but in order to validate it, you need experts to catch cheating spouse, especially if you need basis for a divorce. If you are getting a divorce regardless if there’s infidelity or not, it will not hurt the case knowing the truth whether your partner is cheating or not. Although your PI cannot access your partner’s phone records, they have the skills to recover deleted internet proofs that there is infidelity on his/her side. Since you have given your investigator permission to access your home computer, any information retrieved is valid and can be used in the court.

Child Custody Cases
A private investigator can serve as witness sin courts for custody hearings, more so if they were able to present evidences that the other parent harms the child. A video that shows your spouse being overly drunk or driving recklessly with the kids in the car can help you win the case. Even without the video, your PI can immediately call a police force upon catching your partner doing anything illegal.

These are just some of the reasons why private citizens here in Singapore would hire a PI, but there are certainly a whole lot more. Don’t wait until it is too late. If you find any of these problems applicable to you, ask for professional help from a seasoned private investigator.