Yoga Teachers at Neo Yoga Center, Rishikesh, India

Neo Yoga Center is dedicated to teach Yoga through our different Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training programs, the course appropriate for beginners as well as for advanced yoga practitioners. We are also dedicated to teaching different Holistic Living practices. The courses offered by us are Yoga based and include different studies in Ayurveda that we believe are integral and inter-dependent to one another.

Our yoga teachers & instructors have years of experience in teaching and practicing yoga and allied streams.

Akhilesh Bodhi ( Founder & Yoga teacher)

yoga teacher akhilesh in indiaNeo Yoga Center’s director Akhilesh Bodhi has connected with more than 10000 individuals across the world through his yoga retreats, teacher training camps and workshops conducted in the past 16 years in India, East Asian countries and Europe. Akhilesh carries the legacy of conventional yoga teachings and mixes it with the modern methods of BKS Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois styles for the international yoga seekers. Fusion of ashtanga Vinyas, Hatha yoga and Raj yoga presents Holistic Approach suited to people across the globe. Alignment of different physical postures with power of your breath and focusing the mind will help you with excellent health, better life quality and even self-fulfillment at the end. Yoga can help you discover your own oneness with this world. The Vision of oneness actually is the best solution for Global harmony and peace. Neo yoga teacher training envisions creating international yoga community of trained teachers that can bring needed awareness for healthy life.

Akhilesh, and professional yoga instructor, reiki master and spiritual mentor runs Neo Yoga Center. He has deep understanding and extensive knowledge of Yoga practices that cross more than one decade and has also developed his comprehensive methods of Yoga. The Neo Yoga Center offers students with an exclusive opportunity to cultivate personal spiritual practices while learning the essential skills to become a successful yoga teacher.

yoga teacher in indiabest yoga teacher in rishikesh

Swami Prabodh Chaithanya

yoga teacher rishkeshPopularly known as Shri. Chandrababu, Prabodh Chaithanya, holds a Master Degree in the field of English literature and he has studied Sanskrit and Vedanta under instructions of Swami HH Bodhananda Saraswathi of Chinmaya Mission.  So, during this particular time he took his Bramacharya commencement from Swami HH Chinmayanandaji. After his commencement Prabodh Chaithanya continued his studies of Upanishads, Brahmasutra and Bhagavat Gita under the great guidance of Swami HH Dayananada Saraswathi.

Just after that he lived in Varanasi and Rishikesh as the mendicant and conducted vedanta and meditation classes for his aspirants. He is now teaching for Neo Yoga Center. He lives at Haripad and runs Gurukulam together with managing one orphanage. He is an expert Spiritual teacher and Yoga Trainer, with a special knowledge in the area of meditation, psychology and philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta. He has become a part of our own AyurYoga family. He is someone who is accessible easily with big smile present on his face always and ready to offer you private coaching’s – as he doesn’t needs much warm up! So, you can get under his guidance to learn the yoga methods and techniques and become a skilled yoga trainer.

Acharya Yogesh

yogeshAcharya Yogesh was born in Rajkot (Gujarat), in India in 1976. He is associated with therapeutical aspects of different yogic practices. Yogesh has finished the prestigious post graduate Yoga studies at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavala, one of the oldest and the most traditional Yoga institute in India, where he was a topper. He is an excellent teacher of philosophy, yogic anatomy and traditional Hatha Yoga. Yogesh has mastery over cleansing processes and pranayamic techniques. One of the eminent specialties of Yogesh is chakra therapy/cleansing and balancing.

He is practicing alternate healing therapy, a combination of psychological counseling, Ayurveda, Chakra therapy, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing over six years. On his philosophical and spiritual journey he has studied many great seekers of the truth like Patanjali, Osho, Budhha, Gurdjeff, Lord Krishna, Aurobindo, Shankaracharya and many more. And what is more, he has not only studied these philosophies but he is trying to live a life according to the essence of these philosophies. Over the years he has developed a completely scientific attitude towards spiritual practices leading to a combination of Eastern feeling and Western mind. He spends most of his time in Osho- gurdjeff communes when he is not teaching. He remains always a seeker of truth and he wants to share his wisdom and joy with entire world.

Kerstin Linnartz (Karuna)

She has been doing Yoga for the last 17 years. Kerstin Linnartz spent many years here in India to deepen her own practices and teaching the students from across the world. Kerstin Linnartz is certified as an “Advanced Yoga Instructor” by Worldwide Yoga Alliance, for 500 hours standards for Registered Yoga School and commenced by Swami Kailasananda. She got diploma from “Yoga Vedanta Academy” in Rishikesh in addition to the title of “Yoga Acharya”. Moreover, she trained in the classical Hatha Yoga Anatomies with Acharya Swami Sivadasananda, at Ashtanga Yoga with Doctor Ron Steiner, did highly developed teachers training regarding Bandhas (energy lock) and Breathing and studied human Chakra System as well as Ayurveda, and Vedanta Philosophy. She studied Yoga Kriya during a year lecture after original scripture of Paramahansa Yogananda.

During the numerous years of her practice she got lots of inspirations from various teachers at the Yoga centers and ashrams in Europe, the USA, and India of course. Thus her teachings combine different elements from “system” Yoga- from the classical Hatha to a more active Ashtanga- and she focuses not only on focusing on your body and not to narrow down the teachings to the meager “forms”.

Yoga has changed my life 180 degrees. It helped me to let go of stress, drama and chaos in my life. It turned me into one of the happiest and healthiest people i know. Yoga shows you a way to treat yourself better. This is an experience I want to share

Hari Om Prakash Dabhekar

om-prakashHari Om Prakash Dabhekar  is from pune (Maharashtra) and certified from Kevlya Dham Yoga Inst., Pune. After that for more asanas  pratice and anatomy which is the foundation of yoga. He joined 2001. BKS Iyengar Guruji Yoga Institution in Pune, taking asanas classes under Prashantji and Geetaji, which has been main source of my knowledge and understanding of yoga and how to use props to reach final pose. Even till now he goes  to Iyengar Inst, for my self practice and focus on anatomy and physical science.

After having long  experience he has  written new and timely 1st, Edition on yoga postures and it,s benefits, The book name is (Yoga For Healthy Living). He is one of best teacher, he has vast Knowledge of Therapeutic yoga knowledge which he has acquired  from Iyengar institute Pune. He has been associated with school for long time.

Guest Teachers

  • Mr .Hamid
  • Yamuna devi – Acro yoga
  • Balu – Ashtanga Flow teacher
  • Rquel  – Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Dr. Dolly – Ayuervedacharya
  • Dr. Ashish – Ayuervedacharya