Our students go through unique experience here at NeoYoga, see for yourself what they have to say after completing teacher training.


When I decided to come to India to do a yoga course with Neoyoga I didn’t know what to expect apart from what I read on the website. I didn’t have much experience in yoga and I was opento learn new things about the philosophy,different yoga styles and meditation.This course is designed for people from all levels and the teachers are brilliant.

They are always there for you to answer your questions and give you advise when you need it. After completing the course I can say that my expectations are met and whatever you read on the website it is for real. Now I am back to my home country Greece where I enjoy teaching my friends and family to start with.My plan is to gain more confidence in teaching yoga and the only way is to keep practicing what I have learned from Akhilesh and the other teachers. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience the yogic life and start a yoga career. profession in the past: Project Coordinator

Barbara Ehrat
Barbara Ehrat Switzerland

By destiny I got to know Akhilesh in Switzerland.Here I realized quickly what a immense knowledge he has, what a deep connection to life of yoga he can communicate in a wise and easily digestible manner. It was no question a month in India with such a teacher would be fantastic.

In this four weeks in Goa I experienced for more than ever expected: Akhilesh offered a richness of different yoga classes, every morning a new form of meditation, everynoon a deepgoing, but simple philosophy class and in the evening dance sessions, full moon chantings or what ever the group needed.

Akhilesh guided and created this month with a lot of sensitivity of the whole group and of every single student, without losing his goal to give us a deep and complex under standing of yoga in all its aspects. Well net worked to the yog as cene of India we could enjoy different teachers,yog is and babas.

For all those who would like to immerse deeply down in to the richness and complexity of yoga theneo yoga teacher training give youthe perfec chance. In this month I nourished my physical, mental and spiritual body in a manner a course in Switzerland never hadbeen able to affect. I returned home so balanced and relaxed, that my children belived I had a botoxtreatment in Goa.

Nicole Australia

I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 12 years, so obviously there is something that draws me to its practice. However I never truly understood why. Akhilesh takes you back to the roots of yoga, how it came about and the philosophy behind the practice of yoga. From that I got a deeper understanding of yoga in relation to being a teacher and my own life journey and self-practice. So overall Akhilesh has a brilliant course structure and I know I have grown and learnt a lot over the past 4 weeks. I know, I now have a deeper understanding of yoga and my own practice.

You are a brilliant teacher / guru, that has an amazing vibe. People from all over the world are drawn to you because of this. Both Probodh and Akhilesh present such a wonderful Spiritual side to yoga which is beautiful and eye opening. I really enjoyed being exposed to Ayurveda, the music, and participating in cleansing practices. Accommodation and meals were well organized.

Lucy Canada
This course has inspired, challenged and pushed me to be more at peace with my physical practice, my spiritual and mental wellness. I have learnt to appreciate each moment as it comes and not to worry about the small things in life.

The teachers training had helped me gain valuable knowledge into the art of yoga and yoga philosophy. This course will help anyone who is interested in exploring yoga and deepening their practice. I have noticed dramatic difference in my practice and peace of mind.

More importantly, it has taught me the art of teaching and being a teacher, and continues to inspire me to learn more!

stellabili Australia
Anna-Sarah Eyrich
I learned so much about all sides of yoga. Akhilesh and Prabodh are both brilliant and inspirational, living what they teach. If you are interested in the broader spiritual and philosophical sides of yoga this is a course for you! It’s been a truly magical month. Suggestions/comments:

Accommodation: excellent Food: Breakfasts excellent, lunches and dinners good, but it was all included, it was awesome. Meditation morning: 7am was good, 6 would have been really hard. Active meditation (different meditation types) and outdoors were fun. I found meditation hard but glad we did it. I learned a lot. Thank you for being patient with me. Morning Yoga: Excellent. I felt I got a lot stronger. I would have enjoyed every morning to have a lot of challenging yoga to build up our strength. I liked the variety of asanas and yoga types.

Anna-Sarah Eyrich
I really enjoyed the one month teacher training with Neo Yoga in Dharamshala in 2011. The course gives you a great understanding about the backgrounds of yoga, Indian culture and philosophy. The Asana classes are inspiring. There is a lot of focus on alignment, how to give instructions and adjusting students. Akhilesh has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable, but I think his biggest strength as a teacher is how he reads and manages the group process and how he improvises to give everyone just what is needed. The teachers are very approachable and take really good care of you. Also out of the yoga hall everything was well organized. We had a beautiful room and the food was also great. Thanks again for this wonderful month.
Gemma Holland
Mallika Penmesta

My experience at the yoga teacher training course has been truly wonderful. I am leaving with much more than a teaching certificate. I have learned so much in terms of asana (posters), Vedanta philosophy, and the yogic way of life. The teachers were exceptional and surpassed all my expectations.

Akhilesh is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor making classes productive yet always light-hearted and fun. As Akhilesh would say I am leaving “ridiculously happy”.

I would recommend this course to anybody interested in a yoga-philosophy course.

Mallika Penmesta USA
Rita Simonsen
When you look at things, events, you can take different perspective whether this one month has given me something for life, I would, without any thinking, say yes. In the terms of personal development and getting closer to my real self, this month has taken me a long way. If I consider the qualification perspective of going back and teaching yoga, I see this differently. Akhilesh you know for yourself how longtime and devotion it has taken you to reach a level of qualified teaching. It is my sincere belief that it’s not possible to turn people with no special training in to proper yoga teachers in one month. So for me to see it is the concept that is too ambitious. This course – with may be more Ayurveda and no Anatomy and examination, could be a fantastic introduction/base level for a more teaching oriented level 2 and may be also level 3. That would set your course in a much superior class of seriousness and quality compared to other places offering 1 month yoga teacher training. Best wishes and love.
Rita Simonsen Denmark

Akhilesh has one of the biggest hearts I know!  He exudes not only a passion for yoga but a commitment to sharing that love with others. His teaching style is as humorous as it is rigorous which makes his classes challenging yet fun. He is truly a gem.

Anne Davison Canada

If I ever got stuck in a broken elevator I truly hope that Akhilesh would be with me. He is an unlimited source of tales and stories. ALL of which end in a fat laugh. A true yogi who interprets his life’s discipline with light heartedness and wonderful Indian charm.

Alex diquigiovanni England
It has been an honor to be thought by Akhilesh and his very special way of really allowing yoga to be a complete experience. Through skillful knowledge and intuition, he meets the class like every day was the first. He has an incredible ability to sense the need of the group and the individual. His knowledge goes beyond the anatomical posture and guides the way to sense the true core of our existence. I felt complete trust for him as a teacher and as a person. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share his wisdom and laughter.

Maria Obed Sweden

I’ve never wanted to write a testimonial for a teacher, but I’m compelled to share with anyone who is seeking a yoga teacher that they have found one of the best. Akhilesh Brahmchari is a gifted and inspirational teacher. His beautiful nature and love for laughter comes through in all of his teaching making even intense asanas or mind boggling kriyas, a wonderful experience.  In my group of 25 persons teacher training, I nearly always heard the word “love” in any sentence which included “Akhilesh”. His teaching is easy to love as he has a way to animate any story or practice. I treasure the whole experience of having Akhilesh as my teacher and recommend him in the highest way.

Rose De Angelo USA
Akhilesh is a wonderful human being. He is a fount of knowledge .He manages to be serious, precise, fun and joyful in his teaching. Just writing about him puts a huge smile on my face, remembering the most communicative and “expansive” laugh I’ve ever heard. He is kind, really caring for his students, perceptive, passionate, though calm. He took us on many kinds of yogic journeys…depending on the mood and energy of the day. Yes, Akhilesh is truly one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever met, due to his knowledge and his heart.
Kathy Wolff